Frances ("Frankie") Fash, Supervising Clerk

A former resident of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Frankie Fash came to Lake Tahoe in 1987 for a change of scenery. While she had no background in law she did have plenty of perseverance when she was hired in 1988. Now after over 20 years of serving the general public of Incline Village and Crystal Bay Township, her knowledge of court procedures has grown considerably.  She has filled every position in the court giving her a broad background in handling protective orders, evictions, small claims, formal civil proceedings, and criminal cases. Currently, her primary functions are oriented towards Criminal Justice Administration: supervising staff and caseloads, office management, and acting as a liaison with outside criminal justice agencies.

At the end of the day, one aspect of her judicial employment hasn’t changed: the opportunity to assist the public.  Those people who are making an appearance in an official capacity before Judge Tiras are understandably nervous and often times unsure how the legal system functions. It’s important to her that the public has a positive experience even where their situation is not.

Frankie Fash comes to Incline Justice Court with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts majoring in English Literature from Frostburg State University.