Virtual Traffic Court Sessions - ALPHA (NOT YET OPERATIONAL)

Incline Justice Court is initiating a pilot program to allow traffic Defendants to appear via video for their arraignments.

Defendants who wish to appear in this way must make their appearance before the date/time set forth on their citation.

The Defendant must notify the Court of their intention to appear via video no later than 24 hours prior to the hearing by sending an email to the Court at .  Included with the notice must be any documentation that the defendant wishes the Court to consider.  Likely documents will include driver's licenses, proof of insurance or proof of registration.

The Virtual Traffic Court Session will open at 8:00a on hearing date and Defendants may login at that time.  The Calendar will be handled in order of the logins.  Participants should click on the appropriate link below to participate in the session.  Observers are welcome to view the proceedings and should click on the observer link.

The Court will swear in all parties and talk about the session with all Defendants and then take the Defendant's matters one by one.  

If the Defendants plan to enter a Not Guilty Plea, he or she must fill out and execute a Waiver form (link to form) and submit it to the Court along with any evidence at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.  The Waiver form must be actually signed.  A typed "signature" will not be accepted.  If in doubt, it is recommended that the Defendants submit a Waiver form.

Defendants entering a Not Guilty Plea will then be given a date to come into Court for his or her Pretrial Conference.  A Pretrial Conference is a meeting between the Defendant, the Defendant's attorney (if any) and the Deputy District Attorney to see if the matter can be resolved.  If the matter is not resolved at the Pretrial Conference, it will be set for Trial.

At this time, the Court is unable to handle Pretrial Conferences or Trials virtually and all Defendants must appear in person for those proceedings.

If a Defendant enters a Guilty or No Contest Plea, he or she will be found guilty and sentenced at the hearing.  Once sentenced, the Judge will transfer the matter to the Court's clerk for payment of the fines and receipt of the paperwork from the Court.

Thank you for participating in our pilot program.  


January 24, 2019 - 


January 24, 2019 -